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Blinkhash is an expansive, transparent ecosystem for cryptocurrency mining
Blinkhash's goal is to make mining pool ownership accessible for the layman. Click the links below to get started.
The documentation for Foundation, our open-source mining pool solution, provides a great starting point for users looking to build their own mining pools. It's important to become familiar with the software being utilized in order to become a more effective pool operator. Look for the 'Getting Started' section for a tutorial on how to build a simple Bitcoin pool on your own machine.
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Our proprietary turnkey mining pool platform allows users to create their own mining pools with the push of a button. If you're looking to create a mining pool for one of our supported coins quickly without having to deal with setting up the infrastructure, just create an account and get started.
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Check out our Medium & Twitter for the major milestones we've hit recently as well as updates on our current projects.
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